Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve

New ways to enjoy the great outdoors

Blue skies and warm weather entice people to enjoy the great outdoors. For many people, few things are more enjoyable than soaking up some rays and breathing in some fresh air.

Moderate temperatures help make many outdoor activities that much more enjoyable. But even if the weather isn't perfect, individuals can make the best of the situation and still get out of the house.

As the seasons of warm weather return, those itching to get outside can explore these entertaining outdoor activities.


Thousands of miles of hiking trails crisscross North America, but did you know that South Alabama has some of the prettiest terrain tucked deep into the woods?

Here at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve, you can take in the sights in a place you wouldn’t have imagined being so beautiful.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity in part because it can be enjoyed by people of any age and just about any fitness level. When hiking, it's best to go in pairs. In the event anything occurs, such as an injury, the other hiker will be able to go for help. Hikers also should alert people at home as to their itineraries. Remember to pack a portable snack and plenty of water. And when out in the sun, apply sunscreen and reapply as needed.


Biking is another outdoor activity available at Magnolia Branch.  Once you have learned to ride a bicycle, that ability stays with you, whether you ride a bike every day or haven't taken one for a spin in years.

Check that your bike is in good working order or you can even rent one from us.

Horseback riding

Nature takes on an entirely different look when you are atop a horse. It can be a great workout as well as a recreational retreat. It takes balance, strong legs and quick reflexes to stay in a saddle.

Those who like to camp with their horses can take advantage of Magnolia Branch’s stables. Just pull your horse trailer up and unload your horse into one of the 10 stalls.

These are just a few of the many outdoor activities people can enjoy at Magnolia Branch. Check out our activities page for more adventurous fun: