Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve

The Alabama camping experience

The Great Outdoors — peaceful and relaxing. Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds singing and hearing the crickets lull you to sleep. Or how about listening to the creek water run over the rocks and flow continuously, setting a calming rhythm to the day and night.
Leave your fast-paced life behind and hit the Alabama campgrounds at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve.
Why Magnolia Branch? Because it has a plethora of amenities to offer the beginner camper, the adventurer, the hiker, the experienced, the RVers ... you get my drift.
Camping in Alabama is the perfect way to have quality family time without constantly being plugged in to the world. It also provides a nice setting for getting friends together for a weekend of games, food, activities and just good, old fashioned fellowship.
So what do you need to go camping? Well, that depends on your personality and what you would like to do. Do you want to "rough it” and pitch a tent, sleep in sleeping bags under the stars or prefer to bring an RV and have electric hookups and running water? All of these can be accomplished at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve.
Camping tips:
• Be sure to get the right equipment for your situation. The tent you buy should be big enough to fit the number of people who will be sleeping in it. Believe it or not, some people underestimate — and sometimes overestimate — the size of tents.
• Pack enough food, water and other drinks/snacks for the amount of time you will be camping. There’s nothing like being thirsty on a hot, summer day and realizing you drank your last soda or bottle of water at lunchtime. Speaking of food, keep all your edibles covered or in containers to keep potential bugs and insects from getting them.
• Dress appropriately for the weather and bring the necessary clothing for unpredicted climates. Your day might start out bright and sunny but if a shower or storm pops up, you will wish you had a parka or raincoat, especially if you are hiking. Same goes for warm and cool temperatures. Bring enough to keep you comfortable.
• Also be sure to wear the appropriate footwear for your activities. Flip flops or bare feet are not the best for hiking or walking around on rugged terrain. However, if you are camping near a beach, you probably won’t want to wear boots or running shoes to play in the sand.
• Pack a first-aid kit for emergencies. Mother Nature can be peaceful and relaxing, but she also can be brutal if you are not careful. Having bandages, ointments, medicines, flashlights and other essentials will save you time and headaches in the event of unforeseen situations.
Where to camp:
?At Magnolia Branch, there are unlimited primitive campsites and 82 sites for those who prefer modern amenities. Tucked back in the woods, the trees seem endless. However, there are sites that have picnic tables as well as activities, such as a zip line, blob, canoe/tubing/kayaking and more. Come see for yourself what a joy camping can be in the state of Alabama!