Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve

The Water Blob


At first it was shocking, but then it became normal. This big … yellow … THING in the water at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve (MBWR). As soon as summertime came, people were climbing to the top of a 15 foot wooden platform and just dropping off, letting this Water Blob break their fall and catapult another person into the air to land safely in the water. 
It was an amazing sight you had to see and watch all day long.
Opening the first weekend in May, the blob and other water activities will be in full swing at MBWR. The Water Blob is a stunning draw for adventurous souls who love a good thrill. 
The blob resembles something like an air mattress, but on the water. One person climbs the steps to the wooden platform while another gets into position at the end of the inflatable. Then the person drops onto the blob, which cushions his landing, and projects the bouncer up into the air and back down into the deep waters of the lake. 
"Always practice safety when doing anything water related,” MBWR General Manager Billy Smith said. "Some people like to get creative, but you should always listen to the instructor to have a safe experience. It’s really fun for all ages.”
Another invigorating activity available for guests to try is the zip lines. An instructor will strap you into a safety harness that attaches to a pulley line and off you go, sailing through the air and over the water to the other side. 
The Water Blob and zip line are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through Labor Day. The cost is $5 per activity for an all-day pass.
Tubing also begins May 1. Canoeing and kayaking are year-round activities, but tubing is always a big hit for the summer. The cost is $5 per tube for the two-hour trip. For more pricing details, visit
So suit up and hit the water this summer at Magnolia Branch. If you are looking for some thrills or just to relax on a tube and let the water carry you away, then you have come to the right place.